The Modern Woman Planner™

Are you totally obsessed with planners but feel like you never find the perfect one?

They’re either too big and bulky making it difficult to carry around. 

The spiral ring clings to your sweater and it pulls on the thread. 

Or, you find your keys are all tangled up in the ring and now you have to fight the planner to get into your door.

Tracking our goals is key to making things happen!

Hi, I’m Joselyn!

I’m an NYC artist and creative entrepreneur. I created my own planner because as a busy, commuting, NYC woman, I didn’t want to carry a big, bulky planner anymore. Especially a spiral-bound planner that would get stuck on my sweaters and cling to my purse pockets or tangled in with my keys. 

If I have one word to describe how I feel about writing things down in a planner, it would be: Grateful!

Why? Because if it wasn’t for writing things down and constantly looking at them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My planners don’t just have lines across a page, it has inspirational quotes, a space to write what your leading affirmation for the month is, and very importantly, a place to write down your Quarterly and Monthly Goals.


“I love this planner, it’s like five planners I am currently using in one.”

Julisa Dilone

All you need to know about

The Modern Woman Planner™

It's a physical 6 X 9 bound book


52 pages printed in color

16pt C2S with a full color printed cover

Quaterly Planner April-June

There is no need to overwhelm yourself with trying to map out the whole year if it doesn’t work for you.

Breaking goals down into quarters is easier to work on.

As Seen On…

“Words have power and writing them down, even more.”

– Joselyn Martinez

How This Planner Got Started…

I kept buying different planners and never felt satisfied with them.

There were too many pages that I would leave blank and the heaviness. 

After creating my inspiration lifestyle brand and running a few Modern Women Mastermind Groups, I realized other ladies had the same problem. 

I spoke to a designer friend and was able to create the first pages that were to go out as a free download.

Every month, I would email those on my mailing list, the monthly planner so that they could keep track of their goals, month to month and also weekly.

After receiving great compliments on them and hearing how using the sheets helped them complete projects and stay on track of all their to-do’s I was inspired to keep going.

Then I created a Quarterly Planner for download.

I self-funded the creation of Quarterly Planners that would also be available as a download.

Some people would download the sheets and enter them into a spiral notebook to keep them in place!

I knew I had to create one that women could carry around and not have to go to a store to find a notebook or folder to place them in.

With the help of loyal supporters, I was able to raise over $3000 to pre-order the first Quarter of 2020. 

Now we are here!

This is the first run of the Second Quarter of 2020! I can’t wait to fill out these orders. 

My Mission is to...


Motivate courageous individuals to use their creative power and take inspired action towards designing a life of personal fulfillment and thrive in the modern world.

I wanted to create a planner for a long time but before I ventured into creating a “book,” I embarked on creating a version that people could download from my website.

While on this new venture, I noticed what other planners were lacking:

No room to write down the yearly goals.

No tracking system.

Too big and heavy.

Too many pages for categories no one cares to use.

The weeks start on Monday and the weekends are towards the end of the weekly page.

The month view of the planner also starts on Monday.


Stay Focused &

On Track

The Modern Woman Planner™ is designed to be light and easy to grab. So you can stay focused and on track even when you’re on the go!

This is more than just a planner. Is your companion that you can take with you, anywhere you go.



What’s Inside?

Weekly & Monthly Goal Planner

Weekly Review

Monthly Review


To do this month

Focus of the month

Dates to remember

Income & Expense Planning

Daily Habit Tracker

Giving Back

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected us globally and hit close to home causing a disruption we have never experienced in modern times.
To do my part, I will donate a portion of the proceeds to Food Bank for New York City.
We are in this together, and together we will rise.

“As a lover of planners, this one continues to be my favorite. because of how compact it is and it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your week. I also love that it’s quaterly. I have been feeling especially overwhelmed this year and this planner allows me to literally take things one week at the time and not jump ahead too much.”

Claire Julia


What is a 90-Day Planner?

A 90-Day Planner has three months at a time. So, for example, if you buy Q2, the planner has April, May and June.

Do you offer refunds?

No. At this time, we care not equipped to handle refunds.

I have a specific question, where could I get in contact with someone to help me?

You can email (Please give us 24 hours to respond).

Do you ship overseas?

Currently we only ship in the U.S.A but we hope to ship overseas soon.

I'd love to use this planner for my organization or students. Where can I buy in bulk?

We’d love to help you with that, please send an email to

Do you have a question about The Modern Woman Planner™?

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